About us

Unified Inc. is an online platform which helps unifersity and high school sport teams and sport camps raise money for their program through selling sport specific apparel to their fans.

Our platform is designed for the following:


  1. Organizational Control – Would you like more control over your gear sales? Look no further. Unified has created the ultimate technology that will allow you to manage your organization/institution/teams apparel or products. Whether, CEO, Athletic Director, President of a Not for Profit, or high school/college coach you will now be able to build, track and sustain a great model that is easy to use and hassle free.
  2. Time Management – Let’s face it the old fashion way of dealing with gear is a pain. No more inventory, no more tracking, shipping, storage etc. Unified has you covered and created this technology with you and your valuable time in mind. A few simple steps and you will be on your way to providing your fans with the gear they want and deserve, as well as, generate revenue.
  3. Revenue – Your organization/institution/team will receive commission on every product sold. Precisely, you will get 10% of the profit. From tee shirts to half zips your fan base will now have options for gear and their purchases help you raise funds.


Role Of Unified

a.      Unified is responsible for technology maintenance, flow and updates and technological advancements with product layout, design and end user compatibility. Unified will also provide start up education to ensure organizations/institution/teams can fully utilize Unified and its technological components.


b.      Unified will utilize email communication to engage the fans and end users. Organization/Institutions/Teams are responsible for email lists and email blasts. Once the emails are sent and orders begin to take place the organization/institutions/teams are removed from the process allowing Unified and the distributor to finalize and deliver orders.


c.      Organizations/Institutions/Teams can choose their vendor or a preferred vendor of Unified can be appointed. Joining with Unified provides the organization/institution/Teams with many benefits:


            I.    Team Sales will be easily tracked (Unified analytics) and can be renewed/updated/changed annually via web. This will allow for a seamless annual transition for annual gear sales and business practices to take place.


            II.   Unified has been created and customized to engage the sport specific fan (wrestling, volleyball, track and field etc.). The organization/institution/team will now be able to provide sport specific apparel to their alumni and fan base thanks to the technology and vision of Unified.


            III.   A goal of Unified is to revolutionize sport through leadership and life skill development. Every organization/institution/team is a key partner in the development and sustainability of h Leadership, the driving educational force behind Unified.


Action Steps

 Step One - Education

   It is important that each organization/institution/team understand the power and ease behind Unified. Unified was created to alleviate apparel hassle (inventory, logistics, shipping etc.) for coaches, organizations, institutions and teams.


Step Two – Create an campaign 

Unified will set your organization/institution/team with a sport specific online store that will be your one stop shop for team/fan apparel, items and accessories. This selling campaign has a length of 1 or 2 weeks and it goes parallel with marketing activities promoting your campaign. The length is set to maximize revenue/efficiency and minimize the production expenses. This way your organization/institution/team will generate significant profit based on products sold.


Step Three – Logo 

Upon creating an account Unified will need high resolution logo(s) of your organization/institution/team. If you provide multiple logo(s) your fans will have the opportunity to shop their favorite logos and place it upon selected items. Additionally, unified designers, creates and add trendy designs on your existing logos. This is a great customizable feature within Unified. 


Step Four – Email Distribution

Once the logo(s) are in place your account will be steps away from allowing your fans sport specific product, as well as, generating revenue for your organization/institution/team. Our email distribution strategy is an easy way for you to notify your fan/customers/campers that gear is available for purchase. If your organization/institution/team is familiar with the power of email distribution then the fan outreach process will be immediate. If you are not familiar with the power of email distribution, Unified can help your organization/institution/team strategically plan how to formulate distribution lists to ensure your fans have their gear and your organization/institution/team begins generating significant revenue. If you are interesting in email distribution strategies please ask for the Marketing guide for further details.


Financial Streams


a.       Unified houses the master merchant account and will distribute commission to the organization/institution/team.


b.      Unified is responsible for collection and distribution of all funds including the shares to organization/institution/team, as well as, distributor/vendor.


c.       Unified will act as a fundraiser for all organizations/institutions/teams. The organizations/institutions/teams will receive a commission on every item sold, which can be a significant revenue source in a tight economic time. Please keep in mind there is no overhead or costs associated for the organization/institution/team because of the Unified model. This is extremely important because there are not funds allocated, thus your money stays in your pocket. The more orders you get the more revenue you create for your organization/institution/team.




a.       Unified is continually advancing towards user friendly technology methods while maintaining a focus in the areas of distribution, organizational satisfaction and end user satisfaction.


b.       Unified has end goals of not only making online apparel sales easier, but increasing organizational/institutional/team revenue. Unified will be constantly updating technology while working closely with organizations/institutions to increase revenue opportunities.